Everyone can benefit from greater knowledge of nutrition and how it impacts health. The PA Foundation is committed to working with PAs and their patients to provide resources that enhance patient-provider conversations about nutrition and its role in overall health and wellness.

The videos below are provided for your use as you work with patients who are preparing for surgery, help patients who are ready to make a diet/lifestyle change establish a dietary baseline, and promote greater understanding of type 2 diabetes for patients newly diagnosed with the disease.

For a patient-facing page that includes coupons your patients may access, please refer them to pa-foundation.org/yournutrition.

Video Resources

Each of the videos below addresses a key nutrition-related topic.

Nutrition to Improve Recovery After Surgery

Your nutrition is important to preparation for, and recovery from, surgery. Find out what you should consume prior to surgery in order to minimize your risk of complications and boost your recovery.

Your Nutrition Plan: How to Use a 24-Hour Dietary Recall

Nutrition is a big factor in maintaining overall good health. Your healthcare provider may ask you to complete a 24-hour dietary recall to get a better idea of your eating habits. Learn how to complete this process to produce optimal outcomes for your health journey.

Nutrition and Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common health problems faced by people in the U.S. today. If managed properly, it won’t stop you from living a full and healthy life. Learn steps you can take to manage diabetes, including changing what you eat to control your blood sugar.

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For resources for patients, refer them to pa-foundation.org/yournutrition.

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