About Us




The PA (Physician Assistant) Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the American Academy of PAs (AAPA), representing a profession of more than 108,500 certified PAs across all medical and surgical specialties throughout the U.S. and on American military bases around the world.

Since 1977, the PA Foundation has worked to advance the profession, to promote better health, and to positively impact the lives of PAs, students, their patients, and the communities they serve.

The PA Foundation’s newest Strategic Plan guides its programmatic goals and fundraising activities through 2018. The resulting vision, mission, and values statements below reflect the Foundation’s new strategic direction.


Our Vision – Our Picture of the Ideal Future

  • All PAs are inspired to use their talents, time, and treasure to give back.


Our Mission – Our Core Purpose

  • To empower PA engagement in philanthropic programs that improve health.


Our Values – What We Stand For

  • Making a Difference – PAs are passionate about and committed to delivering tangible results that make a positive difference in people’s health.
  • Inspiring the Next Generation – PAs are committed to ensuring that PA students have opportunities to contribute and serve.
  • Supporting Patient Education – PAs recognize the value of engaging patients in their own health care.


Our Goals – Our Focus for the Next 3 Years

Goal 1:  Expand opportunities for PAs to give back.

Goal 2:  Support PA efforts to engage patients in their own healthcare.

Goal 3:  Establish a sustainable business model to support the new PA Foundation strategic direction.