2023 Events

All Together Now: Virtual Student Program on Genetics and Research

Coming soon: New virtual presentation series that aims to supplement PA program curricula on the topics of genetics, precision medicine, health equity, and research.

The program will include an overview of the All of Us Research Program, a longitudinal effort to gather health data from more than a million people to build one of the most diverse health information resources in history.

This two-hour interactive presentation will prepare future healthcare providers to apply genetic medicine in clinical practice; better understand concepts of precision medicine and its role in care delivery; recognize the role of social determinants of health in patient health outcomes and address them in practice; and appreciate the importance of PA research and learn about resources available to PAs conducting research.

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2022 Events

PA Foundation Women in Philanthropy Meeting

Thursday, December 8
7:00-8:00 p.m.

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Pacers for Health Wellness Challenge Results

Thank you for supporting YOUR Foundation this PA Week through the PA Week Wellness Challenge! Around 300 PAs, PA students, and other supporters registered to participate and show how “PAs Go Beyond” this PA Week.

As part of the challenge, 28 PA program teams participated in the first-ever Golden Shoe Challenge competition. We’re pleased to announce the top 3 teams:

  • First place: Yale PA Online
  • Second place: Brenau University MPAS
  • Third place: University of Dubuque PA Program

Congratulations! The winning team from Yale PA Online will be featured on the PA Foundation’s website and social channels throughout the year and have bragging rights until the next PA Week Wellness Challenge.