The PA Foundation’s Legacy Circle recognizes those visionary individuals who have included the Foundation in their estate plans. Members of the Legacy Circle demonstrate their dedication to the Foundation and their long-term commitment to supporting its mission to promote better health through better care. The Legacy Circle was initiated in 1998.

There are many ways to create a legacy gift to the Foundation, including:

  • Wills
  • Charitable trusts
  • Annuities
  • Securities
  • Real estate
  • Life insurance policies
  • Retirement accounts
Join today and start enjoying the benefits:
  • Recognition in AAPA and PA Foundation publications
  • Recognition in the honor roll of donors at the AAPA Conference
  • Eligibility to attend special events held at the AAPA Conference

Questions? Please contact us at 703.519.5686.

For declaration of intent:

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Legacy Circle Members
Members of the Legacy Circle at AAPA’s 39th Annual Physician Assistant Conference, June 2011

Lorraine S. Atkinson

MarLee Balka-Vause

Jennifer Barnett

Mark P. Behar

Thomas R. Berry

Sherrie L. Borden

Jerald A. Breitman

John F. Byrnes

Cynthia Carson

Patricia Castillo Milner

Don R. Clark

Thomas S. Clayton

Stephen C. Crane

Ina S. Cushman

Kae G. Dakin

James & Linda Delaney

Michelle O. DiBaise

Randall C. Dickson

Sandi Doll

Ann L. Elderkin

Joyce Elfenbein

Gerald A. Erickson, Jr.

Mary P. Ettari

William H. Fenn

Bruce C. Fichandler

Marilyn H. Fitzgerald

Ty W.K. Flewelling

Jack W. Foard

Rod E. Genck

Deborah A. Gerbert


Names in bold have recently affirmed their commitment to the Legacy Circle. This list reflects information received through September 10, 2019.

F. J. Gianola

Gina E. Glass

Dana R. Gray

Blaine Paxton Hall

Stephen Hanson

Karl Harbert

Marilyn Harms

Curt Hawkinson

Harry E. Hersey

R. Jeffrey Hulley

Robin N. Hunter Buskey

Thomas M. Ingram

Steven E. Jacobs

James R. Kilgore

Patrick Killeen

Christine Legler

Rebecca A. Lehman

Paul Lombardo &
James Patrick McGraw III

Cynthia B. Lord

Kathleen A. Lovin

Paul A. Lutz

Anna Marie Mantey

Ian W. Marks

John McGinnity

Michael R. Milner

Rosalind S. Moldwin

Kenneth P. Moritsugu

Gil Nelmes

Douglas A. North


Neal S. O’Callaghan

Ron Price

Josanne Pagel

Rebecca A. Pinto

Richard Pope

Dick A. Rensch

Richard Rohrs

Larry Rosen

Nancy Saunders

Eric Schuman

Doug Scott

Pamela Scott

Camille Snyder

Jennifer Snyder

Jay C. Somers

Jon Stanford

Howard O. Straker &
Jacqueline S. Barnett

Sherri Stuart

Julie A. Theriault

Greg P. Thomas

Joseph R. Varano

Richard Vause

Elias Villarreal

Kathleen Wall

Kent W. Wallace

Vicki L. Waters

Larry Weidell

Judith B. Willis

Barbara F. Wolk

Billy Zimmerman