Global Initiatives

Since 2005, the Physician Associate Foundation has provided grants to support projects involving PAs and PA students in humanitarian activities designed to improve the quality of life in underserved areas of the United States and developing countries throughout the world. This support is intended to promote sustainable development in the areas of healthcare and health education for populations and communities in need. Funding is provided for projects that enhance or expand existing programs and provide the participating PAs and students an invaluable learning experience in healthcare delivery, leadership and project management.

To date, PA Foundation global outreach grants have supported worthwhile projects in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean Islands, former Soviet Union countries, and the United States. In 2013, seven PA-led humanitarian outreach programs were supported in Florida, Haiti, Uganda, El Salvador, Peru, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Learn about these projects here.

If you would like to support global initiatives such as these, you can do so by selecting “Global Outreach” on the Foundation’s donation form

If you are interested in applying for support for a global outreach project, visit the Global Outreach Grants page for additional information and application materials.

Questions? Contact Peter Murphy at [email protected].

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