Episode 17 – COVID-19: Emotional Toll on Healthcare Providers

Vital Minds is a podcast of the PA Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that promotes better health and wellness by providing PAs and PA students with philanthropic opportunities and resources. Each Vital Minds episode features a conversation between host James Millward, an early career PA, and a guest expert on a topic of relevance to the PA and healthcare provider audience, ranging from mental health to obesity to pain management and many more.

Episode 17 – June 2020

Topic: COVID-19: Emotional Toll on Healthcare Providers
Host: James Millward, DMSc, PA-C
Guests: Catherine Judd, MS, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry, DFAAPA, and Charles Raison, MD

Support for this episode of Vital Minds is provided by Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.