PAs for Latino Health Scholarship

2016 PAs for Latino Health Scholarship Criteria

Posted on behalf of PAs for Latino Health

Deadline for application: May 5, 2016

Two or three $1,000 grants are available to PA students in good standing. Recipients to be decided mid-May 2016.

This is a fairly easy grant process for PA students enrolled in an accredited PA program who care for Latino patients.

Write a paragraph or two identifying yourself as a first or second year PA student in good standing. Include your name, your mailing address, email, and cell phone number and the program’s name, address, and telephone with the guidance counselor’s  or director’s name and an interim grade report. The program contact should be aware of the program’s clinics and your interest in Latino care.

Describe the problem you have seen with Latino patients in your clinic work; for instance, if they are not aware of care opportunities or available treatment options for clinical diagnoses such as hypertension, diabetes, or obesity. These problems may have been diagnosed, but the patients could not gain access to medications, counseling, or follow-up until you linked them to the services. A suggestion for linking a child to obesity counseling might be to contact the school nurse or community healthcare division to ascertain the counseling available in the form of diet changes for this population with the help of a nutritionist, who might suggest substitutes for the patients’ diets, who might partner with the child or his parent, and to get a school or community exercise program coordinator in touch with the family. A follow-up discussion on the path taken by the family and/or the contact people in the community that assisted the family with the problems identified would be highly regarded. [One scholarship may be given for care to Puerto Rican patients if such a group is identified.]

To Apply:

Send all application materials via email to PAs for Latino Health with subject line “PALH Scholarship.” Contact information is as follows:

PAs for Latino Health Scholarship Chairperson: Maryann Ramos, MPH, PA (ret.)