Here at the PA Foundation, we continue to appreciate and value the continued support of all of our donors. We value our supporters and donors over the years, and would like to come to you with some important details about PAF changes. Below is an FAQ that will answer questions that may arise amidst the changes in our transition year!
Q: I wanted to purchase a ticket for Party for a Purpose with my conference registration, but I don’t see it listed. Is it still happening?

A: In short, yes! But this year, we’re bringing you a new collaboration with AAPA for a bigger event. Annually, PA Foundation hosted an event called Party for a Purpose with proceeds benefitting the work of the foundation. This year, PA Foundation has partnered with AAPA to create “PA Night Out” (PANO). Party for a Purpose will henceforth be known as PANO at all future conferences! We are bringing you a bigger networking and socializing opportunity at the Nashville Conference!

Q: Okay great. Party for a Purpose is now PA Night Out. Will it be the same as previous years?

A: The event is slightly different this year, but the core is still PAF and funding the foundation to support practicing and future PAs across the country. It will take place on Monday, May 22nd, from 7-10pm. We’re delighted to present conferencegoers with a bigger opportunity this year. If you’d like to learn more, explore our webpage with other details about the event. However, we’d like to detail a few key changes.

  • The event will be hosted at 5 bars in downtown Nashville. 4/5 bars will be open to all to attend, as a ticket to PANO is included in your conference registration fee!
  • 4 of the 5 venues will be managed by AAPA volunteers and staff.
  • There will be a VIP event, which is what will be replacing PFAP, which requires the purchase of a VIP ticket. The VIP ticket will get you into our premier venue at 1 of the 5 PANO bar venues: Luke’s 32 Bridge. This premier venue will have a surprise performer!
  • All proceeds for ticket sales will benefit the Foundation.
  • All donations made at any of the venues will additionally benefit the foundation.
  • This venue will be managed by PAF volunteers and staff.
Q: So, how do I purchase a ticket, and what will I get? And how will I get it?

A: You may purchase a ticket for the VIP venue by registering for the AAPA 2023 conference and adding PA Night Out in your registration! If you have already registered for the conference, you can still get a ticket! Simply log back into your conference registration platform, link here, to add this onto your registration.

By purchasing a ticket for this VIP event, you will receive:

  • Access to VIP Only entry lines at the venues, and access to the premier VIP Only PAF event at Luke’s 32 Bridge
  • An additional drink ticket
  • Exclusive PA Foundation swag
  • A VIP pass

In previous years, we’ve only had a list of names to be checked at the door. Since the VIP pass will give you access to the premier VIP venue and other exclusive spaces, we’ve decided to make official badges that serve as annual keepsakes and allow ease of access. We will also have lists of names at the door to ensure the event remains accessible for the folks who have paid accordingly! Your VIP pass will be given to you at registration at the conference.

Q: What else is different?

A: The event has expanded, but the core of the event at Luke’s 32 Bridge will remain VIP only, and echo what Party for a Purpose has been in the past. We want to continue to bring our recurring donors exciting opportunities for connection, fun, and support for PAs. Unfortunately, we will not be hosting the hat wall this year, but we will have a PA Night Out photo opportunity to commemorate the event! We appreciate the time and patience everyone has had while we roll out the communications to ensure you, the donors and supporters of PA Foundation, are offered the information they need and the appreciation from us that you deserve!

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about the event?

A: We are sad to announce that Lynette Sappe-Watkins, former Executive Director, is no longer with the Foundation as of January 2023, and cannot answer any questions relating to any PA Foundation activities at this time. The PAF Board of Trustees, former Executive Director of PAF, and now CEO of AAPA, Lisa Gables, are working hard to hire a new executive director. We will not be taking further questions at this time. Emily Hincher who has helped handle logistics in the past, is additionally currently on maternity leave as of January 2023.

Instead, Emily’s maternity leave colleague is filling in to coordinate all of the conference logistics to prepare for Emily’s return in late April. You may direct your inquiries to Cecily Thomas at [email protected] to ensure you get the answers you need. They would be delighted to discuss the event details and provide any insight about PAF events.

Join the PA Foundation in this year’s event – register for AAPA ’23 today!