Global Outreach Grant Recipient Projects


Keith Young_Clarkson UnivClarkson University Students Without Borders (submitted by Keith Young, DHSc, PA-C, DFAAPA)
Project Name:
“Providing Access to Quality Care in the Dominican Republic”
Project Amount: $2,000
Clarkson University SWOB runs a one-week primary care/urgent care clinic in an underserved community of the Dominican Republic. The clinic is staffed by S2 and S3 PA students who have completed a procedures course and at least one clinical rotation, along with 5-10 preceptors (PA-C, NP, MD/DO). All patient visits are a one-to-one patient-student ratio with assessment and plan approved by preceptors and translated with the help of hired translators. The clinic is geared towards family medicine and patients of all ages. Individual patient education is provided with each visit as well as in group “charlas” on nutrition, hygiene, and preventative measures the community can take to reduce risk for chronic illnesses. Medications (if necessary) and hygiene bags (including toothbrushes, toothpaste, band-aids, floss, sunscreen, etc.) are given with each visit.

Grace Roman Tapia_FIBUSPAMFIBUSPAM, Inc. (submitted by Grace Roman-Tapia, PA-C)
Project Name:
“Medical Mission to Earthquake Affected Region of Ecuador”
Project Amount: $3,470
Experienced PAs and PA students will collaborate with FIBUSPAM, a non-profit clinic based in Ecuador, to provide direct care to earthquake victims on the coast of Ecuador. The team of traveling PAs and FIBUSPAM staff will work in three selected communities in the suburbs of Pedernales, the region hardest hit by the earthquake, that currently do not have access to general healthcare. The focus will be on diagnosing and treating common health conditions and improving health education. By building on that trust, the team will be able to reach to a broader group of people in need.

Jacquelyn Borst_Intl Impact Med FdnInternational Impact through Medicine Foundation (submitted by Jacquelyn Borst, MSPAS, PA-C)
Project Name:
“Chronic Disease Management Program in Honduras”
Project Amount: $5,742
In partnership with a Honduran organization, Amor sin Fronteras, International Impact through Medicine Foundation will establish a formal chronic disease management program focusing first on hypertension in three communities in Honduras – Zambrano, El Espino and San Francisco. Its goal is to enroll 200 patients with hypertension in the program. These patients will receive regular follow-up visits from medical professionals every six months as well as blood pressure checks every two months. The organization will also train community health workers to assist with follow-up for these patients.

2016 Robert K. Pedersen Global Outreach Grant

Janet Ditto_Dream ProjectThe Dream Project, Inc. (submitted by Janet Ditto, PA-C)
Project Name:
“The Dream Project, Mozambique”
Project Amount: $12,000
This project is centered around education, capacity building, and health education for vulnerable children in Cabo Del Gado, Mozambique, Africa. Capacity building through education is essential to break the cycle of poverty. The children assisted by The Dream Project come from high-risk families that are unable to provide for their basic needs. Project funding will be used to support a daily feeding program that provides nutritious meals to children enrolled in the program, rice and other foods to HIV widows in the community, educational materials for children, and funding to assist with health evaluations, medications, and costs of labwork.


MEDEX Northwest and Health Leadership International
Project Name:
“Physician Associate skill-based training in the Lao PDR”
Project Amount: $9,200
Build a quality and competency-based PA training program on non-communicable diseases (NCDS) that is based upon the US PA model and curriculum at the College of Health Sciences (CHS) in Luang Prabang.

Emory University PA Program
Project Name: “Designing a HIV Prevention Curriculum for Migrant Farmworkers in Georgia: A Health Professions Student Collaborative”
Project Amount: $4,017
Project will be conducted during 2015 SGFHP weeks and the fall SGFHP weekend in October with HIV Prevention Curriculum tested and rolled out in October 2015.

Three Strands
Project Name:
“Malaria Education, Eradication, and Treatment Program in Bangui, Central African Republic”
Project Amount: $5,500
Provide education, mosquito nets, and urgent medical care for those suffering with an acute malarial episode which is impacting 400 households in the Ngola 2 neighborhood of Bangui.

2015 Robert K. Pedersen Global Outreach Grants

Arcadia University (submitted by Donna Agnew, PA-C)
Project Name:
 “A Medical and Public Health Mission in Nicaragua”
Project Amount: $14,660
Medical supplies, equipment and medication to conduct health screenings and provide patient care services (including chronic disease treatment) in two Nicaraguan communities.

Carilion Medical Center (submitted by Wilton Kennedy, PA-C)
Project Name:
 “Magale Health Project”
Project Amount: $8,951.83
Supplies and patient education materials focused on vision, albinism, and maternal and newborn health in Uganda.

Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania (submitted by Tara Rick, PA-C)
Project Name:
“Dispensary Level Cancer Education in Tanzania”
Project Amount: $5,950
Cancer education and training for healthcare providers in Tanzania, focused on prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancer, patient education, and referral process.


Athens Orthopedic Clinic
Project Name:
“Orthopedic Mission to Haiti,” Terrier Rouge, Haiti
Project Amount:
Equipment, medications and supplies for a medical service trip by PAs, orthopedic surgeons and other physicians to train Haitian doctors and staff at a clinic serving impoverished Haitians

Clean Water for the World
Project Name:
“Rehabilitation and Modification of Rainwater Collection System,” San Juan Los Planes, Quezaltepeque, El Salvador
Project Amount:
Supplies to repair a rainwater collection system in El Salvador to prevent health problems caused by unclean water and poor sanitation

Quinnipiac University PA Program and Health Horizon International
Project Name:
“Medical Service Trip,” Puerto Plata Region, Dominican Republic
Project Amount:
Medications, supplies and training materials for faculty and PA students working with community health workers in underserved areas of the Dominican Republic

Miami Dade College and The House Portable Medical Care
Project Name: “Rural Central Florida Health Outreach”
Project Amount:
Medical supplies and furnishings for PA students to provide medical services and educational resources to underserved and uninsured residents in central Florida.


Quinnipiac University PA Program and Health Horizon International
Project Name: “Medical Service Trip,” Dominican Republic
Project Amount:
Medications, supplies and training materials for PA students working with community health workers in underserved areas of the Dominican Republic


Quinnipiac University PA Program and Health Horizon International
Project Name:
“Medical Service Trip,” Dominican Republic
Medications, supplies and training materials for PA students working with community health workers in underserved areas of the Dominican Republic

Proteus Migrant Health
Support for a program providing mobile primary healthcare to workers and their families in Iowa, either at their homes or workplaces

Le Moyne College Physician Assistant Project in South Sudan
Medical supplies, medicine and medical education materials for the Le Moyne College PA Program to provide to the South Sudan Department of HIV/AIDS in order to take preventive measures for the impeding HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Sudan


Augsburg College PA Program
Project Name: “Proyecto Clinica Rural Movil”
Medical equipment and educational materials to help establish long-term sustainability of mobile units serving medically underserved rural areas in Nicaragua, which Augsburg College PA students visit as part of a clinical rotation in international medicine

Peacework Medical, Ghana
Educational materials, supplies, and medications for clinics in urban and rural sites in Ghana at which a team of PAs, physicians, nurses, and health educators provide care for homeless and other underserved individuals

Catherine A. Hoelzer, MPH, PA-C
Project Name: “Health Education for Southern Sudan”
Health and medical educational materials to train Sudanese health workers who run primary care centers and provide basic health and sanitation education for communities in southern Sudan