Individual Donors

The PA Foundation thanks all of its individual donors who have supported the Foundation’s mission to empower PAs to improve health through philanthropy and service.

The Foundation appreciates your continued support and commitment to making it possible for PAs and PA students to give back to their patients, community, and profession through the Foundation’s programs and initiatives.

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2023 Individual Donors

Donors whose gifts were equal to or greater than $50 annually.

Diamond Circle • $5,000+

Josanne K. Pagel
Duke L. Stone and Mark Horner
Libby Coyte and Ed Friedmann
William H. Marquardt
Agnes M. Compagnone
Brian Palm

Platinum Circle • $2,500-$4,999

Su Kang
Suzanne Fedie
Cynthia Lord
Mary P. Ettari
Carla Duryee
James E. Delaney
James R. Kilgore

Gold Circle $1,000-$2,499
Sapphire Circle $500-$999
Ruby Circle $250-$499
Henry G. Baumann Raquelle Akavan Yennie Armand
Mary Ellen Baumann Katie  Beaudoin, DMS, PA-C Teresa J. Bigler
Fletcher Bennett-Gayle Kimberly A. Berggren Brian K. Bizik
M. Randolph Bundschu Phillip Bongiorno Diane Brown
Michelle Ona DiBaise Susan O. Cappelmann Robert Brown
Lauren Grace Dobbs Kara Caruthers Eva Chalas
Lisa Gables Larry H.  Collins Colette Marie Clayton
Tammy Harris Linda L. Delaney Jaclyn Cotgreave
Zachary C. Hartsell Christopher Dietrich David Cox
Catherine R. Judd Nadya Dimitrov Thomas Dale
Jeffrey Katz William L. Freeman Randy D. Danielson
Emily King Cruser Deborah A. Gerbert Paul Davis
Grace P. Landel Melinda Moore Gottschalk Lori Decker
Paul Lombardo & James P. McGraw III Bethany Grubb Michael DePalma
Sharon Luke David and Jenny Jackson Ann L. Elderkin
Lee Lynch Timothy Johnson Douglas Fillmore
Stephanie L. McGilvray Gerald Dean Jones Yolonda F. Freeman-Hildreth
Laura Mitchell Jennifer Jones Thomas Gallo
Jennifer Mohler Patrick E. Killeen Pamela Gregory-Fernandez
Kenneth P. Moritsugu Melodie Joy Kolmetz Marc Hahn
Courtney Peters Scott L. Massey Samuel Halajian
Kevin Pritchett John McNab Jason Herel
Laura Ross Anthony A. Miller Lawrence Herman
Ilona Rozenberg Diana Noller Vic L. Holmes
Susan Salahshor Candice Oberlies Rosann M. Ippolito
S. Eric Schuman Michael L. Powe Heather Isola
Inessa Shlifer Colleen and William Reynolds Camille Kiefer
Jeffrey Stark Teresa Ribadeneyra Allan Lee
Shepard B. Stone Richard C. Rohrs Rachel Lethorn
Susan Symington Lynette Sappe-Watkins Dallas W. Lipscomb
Frank Uellendahl Ann Smith Cristina Lopez
Karl Gordon Wagner Jennifer Snyder Carina Loscalzo
Melinda Waite P. Michel Statler Eugenia Manrique
Corri Wolf Daytheon Sturges Diana Mendoza
Jennifer Zorn William Sullivan Jeff Midgley
Carolyn R. Telford James Braden Millward
Tamara Idette Thorn Julia Niemi
Wendell Wharton Folusho Ogunfiditimi
Joanna Faith Whitney Carina Pascual
Karen Wright Poncelet Family Fund
Alyssa Quinlan
Melinda Ann Rawcliffe
Marie Richard-Johnson
Kathleen Scarbalis
Carl and Marilyn Shedlock
Donna Leigh Shelton, PA-C
Kevin Smallwood
Noel Smith
Jay Somers
James Van Rhee
Megan Verdoni
Melissa Visser
Lyndsie Watkins
Kevin Williams
Rufus Williams
Lee J. Witter
Christine Zammit
Individual donors – $50-$249
Corporate Supporters

AAPA’s Corporate Council is an engaged community of partners that have committed to bettering the health of the nation – by supporting and enhancing the ways PAs can care for their patients.

Dues from AAPA Corporate Council membership help fund PA Foundation programs and resource offerings like scholarships, grants, and outreach fellowships that enhance the ability of PAs and PA students to serve their patients and communities. Being part of the AAPA Corporate Council highlights to the PA profession the organizations that support PAs.

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Other Organizational Supporters

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
The Clark Group
CM&F Group, Inc.
Wake Forest University – Department of PA Program
Lincoln Memorial University

Questions? Please contact Kristina Medlock at [email protected].