All Together Now: Virtual Student Program

All Together Now: Virtual Student Program on Genetics and Research

Coming soon: New virtual presentation series that aims to supplement PA program curricula on the topics of genetics, precision medicine, health equity, and research.  

The program will include an overview of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Program, a longitudinal effort to gather health data from more than a million people to build one of the most diverse health information resources in history. 

This two-hour interactive presentation will prepare future healthcare providers to apply genetic medicine in clinical practice; better understand concepts of precision medicine and its role in care delivery; recognize the role of social determinants of health in patient health outcomes and address them in practice; and appreciate the importance of PA research and learn about resources available to PAs conducting research. 

Featuring expert faculty presenters:

  • Precision medicine and health equity: DeShana Collett, PhD, PA-C – University of Kentucky
  • Research: Nicholas Hudak, MPA, MSEd, PA-C – Duke University School of Medicine
  • Genetics: Nguyen Park, MS, PA-C – Society of PAs in Genetics and Genomics
  • All of Us Research Program: Sheri Schully, PhD – NIH All of Us Research Program
  • Moderated by: Nina Multak, PhD, PA-C – University of Florida College of Medicine


The virtual presentation is scheduled for the following dates (same content presented on each date):

March 28, 11: 00 – 1: 00 pm (ET)  REGISTER HERE

March 31, 12:00 – 2: 00 pm (ET) REGISTER HERE

April 19, 11: 00 – 1: 00 pm (ET) REGISTER HERE

June 6, 11: 00 – 1: 00 pm (ET) REGISTER HERE


We will host multiple PA programs at each lecture presentation. Sessions will be recorded and made available.


Brought to you by the PA Education Association, American Academy of PAs, and PA Foundation in collaboration with the NIH All of Us Research Program.