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PAs passionate about improving health through philanthropy

Health Guardians are donors who identify with the hopes and dreams of the PA Foundation’s volunteer leaders, donors, and staff for the long-term growth and success of the organization. They recognize that the Foundation’s programs benefit patients who lack access to healthcare, students who take on staggering debt to pursue their PA education, and PAs who step outside their day-to-day practice to improve health in their communities or abroad.

Health Guardians support the core programs of the PA Foundation with a minimum annual gift of $240 or cumulative monthly gifts equal to or exceeding $240.

Join Health Guardians

These gifts represent a sustainable commitment to our mission of empowering PAs to improve health through philanthropy and service. Health Guardian donors are committed to PA Foundation programs like:

  • IMPACT Grants – supporting community-based, PA-led philanthropic health initiatives
  • Global Outreach Grants – providing funding for medical service projects that improve health and quality of life in underserved areas around the world
  • Scholarships – easing the financial burden of the next generation of PA leaders
  • Special projects – raising public awareness of PAs’ knowledge and experience while sharing health information and resources
How to Join

There are two ways to become a part of this important group of donor

  • Schedule monthly payments of $20 or quarterly payments of $60 for a minimum of one year
  • Make a one-time gift of $240 or more

Our Health Guardians will be recognized annually for their commitment to the Foundation with the following:

  • A certificate of commitment
  • A Health Guardians lapel pin
  • Recognition at AAPA Conference
  • Recognition on the PA Foundation website

Join the Health Guardians giving circle today.

2022 Health Guardians
Jeremy Adler Vic L. Holmes Melinda Ann Rawcliffe
Raquelle Akavan Robin Hunter Buskey Colleen & William Reynolds
James E. Anderson Rosann M. Ippolito MaryEllen Rhoades
Timi Barwick Heather Isola Teresa Ribadeneyra
Amie Beals David & Jenny Jackson Richard C. Rohrs
Katie Beaudoin Gerald Dean Jones Laurie Ryznyk
Sandra Evette Beysolow Catherine R. Judd Susan Salahshor
Leticia Bland Jeffrey Katz John Hoyt Sappe
Deborah A. Bombard David J. Keahey Lynette Sappe-Watkins
Phillip Bongiorno James R. Kilgore Kimberly Sapre
Jeff Boswell William C. Kohlhepp Kathleen Scarbalis
Angie Bricco Melodie Joy Kolmetz Douglas Schaad
M. Randolph Bundschu Grace P. Landel Taylor Scheller
Clifton D. Butler Jeanne Large Justine Lynn Seliger
Alan Bybee Brian S. Lauf Carl & Marilyn Shedlock
Susan O. Cappelmann Rachel Lethorn Inessa Shlifer
Armando Carranza-Hernandez Paul Lombardo & James P. McGraw III Thomas Shoemaker
Kara L. Caruthers Cynthia Lord Marc L. Siditsky
Leslie Clayton Sharon Luke Carlo Simpao
Larry H. Collins Lee Lynch Marshall F. Sinback
Agnes M. Compagnone Marc Marchioli Noel Smith
Jennifer Myers Coombs William H. Marquardt Beth Smolko
Michael Coraci Wayne Allen Mathews Jennifer A. Snyder
Cooper Couch Stephanie L. McGilvray Jay Somers
Jacob Coughlin Kadian McIntosh Marvin C. Sparrell
Laura Gail Curtis John Mcnab Jacqueline J. Spiegel
Thomas Dale Anthony A. Miller Julie Staber
Randy D. Danielsen Barbara J. Miller Jeffrey Stark
James E. Delaney James Braden Millward P. Michel Statler
Linda L. Delaney James William Montag Duke L. Stone & Mark Horner
Christopher Dietrich Eva J. Montes Susan Symington
Lauren Grace Dobbs Melinda Moore Gottschalk Benjamin Taylor
Linnea Drew Kenneth P. Moritsugu Carolyn R. Telford
Carla C. Duryee Sandra Morris Tamara Idette Thorn
Camille Dyer Deanna Bridge Najera Julie Timins-Lupatkin
Elizabeth Eldakar Diana Noller Richard C. Veith
Ann L. Elderkin Candice Oberlies Nhu-mai Vuu
Mary P. Ettari Diana Obradovic Karl Gordon Wagner
Polly Evans-Thomas Monique Ochoa Melinda Waite
Yolonda F. Freeman-Hildreth Folusho Ogunfiditimi Peggy Diana Walsh
Libby Coyte & Ed Friedmann Daniel R. Pace Rachel Weinzimmer
Lisa Gables Josanne K. Pagel Michael Wetzel
Justin Michael Gambini Thomas Panzella Sampath Wijesinghe
Linda Garcia Carina Pascual Alysia Anne Wiley
Carl Garrubba Meenal Patel Lorelei Williams
Deborah A. Gerbert Brandy Pestka Patrick Williams
Bethany Grubb Courtney Peters Jennifer Zorn
Tammy Harris Orie R. Potter Kim Zuber
Kristine M. Healy Michael L. Powe
Logan Hoffman Kris Pyles-Sweet

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